Film and animation production Meet the plants!

Introducing you to the most important members of the film and animation production crew – Spike, Janine and Daddy Long Legs. Media production is important, but we can’t argue that oxygen production is just that bit more important. 🌿 You can also meet our film and animation team over in our other blogs posts LINK.

Correla x Winningtemp: Better Together

Correla x Winningtemp: Working together for a better employee experience. Winningtemp is a platform for employee engagement and receiving feedback from your business. Implementing Winningtemp at Correla will mean we will now be able to provide real-time data and insights. This will ensure we are acting on information faster and providing abetter employee experience. For… Continue reading Correla x Winningtemp: Better Together

Stop-motion Animation – Smell the flowers

Stop-motion animation is a beautiful hands on approach to creating whimsical and textured films. It uses all the stages of animation but with the addition of photography to capture each frame. Stop-motion is notorious for being a lengthy process as every frame has to be captured in a single moment, taking 100’s and even 1000’s… Continue reading Stop-motion Animation – Smell the flowers

Dungeons and Dragons and your Mental Health

When slaying Dragons, Saving Princesses and Revealing in taverns becomes GOOD for your mental health. Dungeons and Dragons, the vastly popular tabletop based roleplaying game, is turning 50 after a tumultuous and controversial life. From being labelled as Satanic and corrupting, the imaginative game has survived witch hunt after witch hunt.But, after a half century… Continue reading Dungeons and Dragons and your Mental Health

New Agency Job Adaptation

The ultimate guide to help you with your New Agency Job. Starting a New Agency Job can be a daunting thing, especially if you’re changing industries or have little experience in an agency environment. While each agency experience will differ, we’ve put together some top tips to help you settle in and reduce any reservations… Continue reading New Agency Job Adaptation

Coventry’s best Youth Music Programme

Here is the latest on Changing Trax Coventry. The Hot New Youth Music Programme in Coventry, thats got everyone talking. As seen on stage of the MOBO Awards, thanks to CBS Coventry. Introducing “Changing Trax” Youth Music Programme Changing Trax, is Coventry’s best music programme, for young upcoming and aspiring Artists. Music or Art, Poetry… Continue reading Coventry’s best Youth Music Programme

reasons to be an apprentice

There are many reasons to do an apprenticeship – In this article, I have summarised for you the top 3 reasons to be an apprentice (from the perspective an actual apprentice) Reason to be an apprentice No 1. Relevant Experience The first of the 3 reasons to be an apprentice; you will get invaluable experience… Continue reading reasons to be an apprentice

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