How to make a Netflix Style Documentary

The idea

As an apprentice I know it important to be growing my skill set. Despite growing my skills in film longer than my skills in animation, I have covered a broader pallet of animations. I wanted to extend the “types” of videos I produce, both for myself and Truly. While watching random tutorials on YouTube I can across a video about how easy it is to create your own Netflix style documentaries. I always like my work to be of a high standard and so I carefully evaluated if I could complete what would need to be done, in order to impress other with this video. After my brief evaluation I decided to go for it! I learnt How to make a Netflix Style Documentary.

The Plan

Two days after deciding this would be a good project, there was an internal meeting at Truly to determine what we should post coming up. I suggest my idea to Harriet  and she thought it was fab! After brainstorming with the team we decided to do the doc on a recent startling event that had sent ripples the the office. Sophies Shit Sandwich. Not only was this going to be a laugh but it was also based on true events which is crucial for a doc. Conversation started to stir in the office and before I knew it everyone had an ides and wanted to get involved!

How to make a Netflix Style Documentary

The Filming

Filming with my co-workers was not only a great excuse to ignore the creeping deadlines that were harrowing us, but it also meant I could judge everyones acting/comedy skills to help me make a better informed decision for Christmas awards (office joker). Sophie, unsurprising, was awful to say the least. She will quite simply laugh at anything. I believe I have a mp3 recording that lasts almost 30 minuetes just of her laughing at herself! We managed to get the 3 lines done finally! Scott on the other hand was quite the professional. I’ve never seen method acting done in person until the day of his interview. Even off camera ge had a teary fearful look in his eyes, quite remarkable to say the least! Pokeman star Smithy also wasn’t afraid to show that his skills extend further from gaming and social imagery. Nearly had to remind him that this story was was a joke and we should laugh due to the amount of genuine concern he portrayed for Sophie’s home life. Acting skills were a 10/10. I had our resident mum Hannah imitate Sophie’s mum. Needless to say the dear loving Hannah had quite the challenge “shouting down the phone” demonstrating her kind heart.

The Editing

After rounding up ideas and evidence from the team I buckled down with some premiere pro and After Effects editing. I got a few B-roll clips from envato along with music to add the “realism” to this doc. I made the timeline and all other graphics with after effects and surprised myself with the simplicity of it all. May I stress spelling common words such as Wednesday was not quite so simple as I had the content team correct me about 5 times. Premiere Pro helped me pull the whole project together, hitting Cmd + M when I was happy with the doc.

The Laughter

A little movie premier was hosted with everyone crowing round my desk to watch the final result! It was absolute hilarious to watch everyone reactions. Not only did we watch the final video but we also went through watching the unused footage, just to see how in character Scott was the whole time! My overall experience, learning How to make a Netflix Style Documentary was 10/10 !