reasons to be an apprentice

There are many reasons to do an apprenticeship – In this article, I have summarised for you the top 3 reasons to be an apprentice (from the perspective an actual apprentice)

Reason to be an apprentice No 1. Relevant Experience

The first of the 3 reasons to be an apprentice; you will get invaluable experience that you wont get anywhere else. Getting actual on the job experience will aid you in practicing and refining your skills. It will teach you how to work with real life clients and in a professional environment. This is beneficial preparation for future opportunities, as you’ll already be familiar with what it is like to work in an established workplace setting alongside having relevant experience.

Infographic work done by
me for a real client – Amey plc

Reason to be an apprentice No 2. Learning whilst working

Furthermore, another reason to be an apprentice is that you will still be studying whilst you are working. So you will be taught the skills you need and if there is something you are unsure of how to do at the workplace or want to learn, you have the benefit of having that aid available to you, to help you learn and progress, and become more knowledgable and confident in your skills as you grow through the job.

Infographics made by me with the
help of a teacher in a training session

Reason to be an apprentice No 3. Qualification

The final reason you should choose to be an apprentice is the fact that at the end of it all, you will of course receive a qualification. The official qualification you’ll receive will be extremely beneficial in the future as experience is very admired by employers, so if a potential employer sees that you have previously qualified as an apprentice, it will definitely help you to stand out to them, amongst others who haven’t had experience, as you have built up a skillset that has already been used in the real world.