The best British coffee machine: The new Fracino Romano R

With a new updated, sleek design, The new Romano R is a British coffee machine that packs a punch. Making coffee has never been easier.

What makes the Romano R so good?

Full of new technology, the Romano R is a huge step up to the current Romano model. With a new Digital Touch Control Panel for multi-level programme settings, you are in full control of how you make your coffee. Along with the new Control Panel, the new Romano ditches the old fashioned buttons for a new, sleek design in the form of an Electronic Pulse graphic touch pad to make coffee making a unique experience. Real wood handles are used for that detail touch of luxury. Along with them being luxurious, they are also eco-friendly. Only the best stainless steel and copper is used in our machines to ensure high quality and longevity. Contemporary white LED panel edge lighting is exclusive to the new Romano R giving it a unique, high quality look. It doesn’t get better when it comes to the best a British coffee machine can be.

best British coffee machine

Why choose the Romano R over our other models?

Well, this question all comes down to what you’re going to be using the machine for. If you’re using it for domestic use in your home, then the best machine for that would be the Piccino. If you’re using the machine from anything from a small cafĂ© to a full blown catering event, then this machine will work wonders for you. Whether you get the 2 group or 3 group version, it will always keep up with your demand.

What customisable options can you choose from?

The new Romano comes in either a dramatic matte black and polished stainless steel finish with contemporary white LED panel edge lighting, a modern satin white and polished stainless steel finish with contemporary blue LED panel edge lighting or an elegant luxurious polished stainless steel finish with contemporary white or blue LED panel edge lighting. Each Romano R comes with cool white barista lighting to light up the work station to make sure you can make the best coffee possible no matter the conditions.

The new Romano R is available for order now! Call us at +44 (0)121 328 5757 or email us at and order your brand new Romano R today. Visit our website here