Top 3: UK Christians TV Channels in the UK?

In a world where television can often be synonymous with mindless entertainment, there exists a realm of channels dedicated to inspiring, uplifting, and nurturing the soul. For those seeking content that speaks to their faith and values, Christian TV channels offer a refreshing alternative. In the United Kingdom, several channels cater to the spiritual needs […]

Women’s History Month

This Women’s History Month we’re celebrating Calibre Audio’s founders and how they created our service. In 1974, three North London women had an idea; to create an audiobook library so that James. The sight-impaired son of one of the friends, could enjoy the benefits of reading as much as any other child. Susan Beazley, Monica […]

Saul Leiter: Iconic Street photography visits Milton Keynes.

Known for his pioneering of colour street photography, Saul Leiter’s now revered collection is on display in MK Gallery’s ‘An Unfinished World’ exhibition. Witness Leiter’s influence on street photography as a practice like never before. In the heart of Milton Keynes, an extraordinary exhibition awaits, inviting visitors to immerse themselves in the captivating world of […]

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