Digital Marketing Apprenticeship – Why should you do one?

What will you learn about in a digital marketing apprenticeship? Joining a digital marketing apprenticeship at Creative Alliance offers a level 3 qualification, plus vital work experience for your CV. Covering topics from email marketing to SEO analysis, the 12-15 month programme ensures you’re industry-ready. With engaging workshops and mentorship, apprentices gain practical insights into […]

Best Top Tips to Secure a Marketing Apprenticeship in 2024

Giving you all the tricks and tips to securing that Marketing apprenticeship in 2024 from an apprentice herself Are you excited to kickstart your marketing career with an apprenticeship? In today’s dynamic industry, securing an apprenticeship offers invaluable hands-on experience and industry insights. As a current marketing apprentice, I empathize with the challenges and excitement […]

Influencer Agency and Brand Collaboration Guide.

In today’s digital marketing landscape, Influencer Agency and Brand Collaborations stand out as potent strategies for connecting with target audiences authentically. Influencer marketing involves partnering with individuals who wield significant online influence, tapping into their dedicated followers for product or service promotion. Before venturing into this dynamic realm, it’s essential to grasp the nuances of […]

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