What it’s like to be an apprentice at 7video

What it’s like to be an apprentice? The general apprenticeship

What it’s like to be an apprentice? Starting an apprenticeship within 7video has given me more than I could of imagined. From the beginning of the Job role, I have been given authority and impact on all projects. this has allowed me to gain first hand experience with dealing with clients and talking to them to discuss meeting the brief. From day 1 not knowing a great deal about animation styles and ways in which to animate, I have now learnt all the software with a strong knowledge on how to create all types of assets and animate them. Along with this, problem solving within projects has been a huge learning curve for me.

What it’s like to be an apprentice? Project Freedom

Working on projects within 7video has given me freedom and creative ability on projects. From my starting first few weeks, I have been allowed to lease with clients and discuss creative ideas to bring to life within each project. Communicating to clients through zoom and Teams has allowed me to understand their brief and give me more confidence with general communication. What it’s like to be an apprentice?

whg – animation series of videos animated by myself during my apprenticeship

Apprenticeship Projects

Apprenticeship Projects have allowed me to take a step back from corporate style clients and create some work in which is unique and to my own created brief. From each project within the apprenticeship, I have looked to create a brand, to then create branded content through animation for this brand. A good example of this would be Moon. This is my mental health brand I created, and I created a 3 week campaign to advertise their objectives.


To conclude, overall I would say that the apprenticeship within 7video has been a amazing opportunity for me to learn new skills and gain first hand experience within the sector. I would certainly recommend an apprenticeship to anyone thinking about taking one. I look forward to where this takes me in the future.