8 Tough Questions To Ask On A First Date

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You should NOT be dating, you should be vetting!

Dating is spending casual time with a potential until you realise you are incompatible with them. After which you’ve wasted months or even years of your life, now you have to break-up with someone you’re heavily invested in.

Vetting is making a thorough examination & evaluation upfront to determine any incompatibilities, so you can sever the relationship as soon as possible – BEFORE you’ve invested your time & energy into it. This involves asking tough questions that matter, when you first meet a person.

Vetting requires self-confidence to stick to your standards & walk away amicably from people who aren’t right for you, despite how attractive they initially were.

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8 Tough Questions:

1. What is your timeline on marriage?
2. Do you want children & how many?
3. When do you see yourself having children?
4. Do you prioritise work & achievements or leisure & relaxation?
5. What are your views on abortion and birth control?
6. Do you practice abstinence/celibacy?
7. What are your spiritual beliefs and practices?
8. Who would you prioritise between your wife & mother?

In Conclusion:

By asking these questions early on, you’re taking control of your dating life. You’ll gain valuable insights that can help you identify potential partners who share your core values and goals. This upfront vetting approach saves you precious time and emotional investment, allowing you to focus on building genuine connections with people who have the potential to be your happily ever after.

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