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In a world driven by innovation and dynamic leadership, the Global Player app brings you an exclusive podcast episode that delves deep into the transformative power of a growth mindset.

Hosted by the influential entrepreneur and thought leader, Steven Bartlett, this episode is not just a discussion; it’s a call to action. Discover how embracing a growth mindset can be the key to unlocking your true potential.

Explore a journey of self-discovery on Steven Bartlett’s diary, exclusively on the Global Player app. Featuring Mel Robbins, this episode unveils a transformative technique for tackling anxiety. Download the app now to be part of this exclusive experience.

Mel Robbins Unveiled: Decoding the Power of Two Words:

Mel Robbins, renowned for her motivational expertise, doesn’t shy away from the real issues that plague our daily lives. The podcast episode begins with a bold assertion: two words can fix your anxiety. The intrigue is palpable, and as Mel dives into the discussion, listeners are treated to an analysis of the psychological and linguistic elements at play.

Steven Bartlett’s Analytical Brilliance: The Power of Analysis in Personal Growth

Steven Bartlett, the analytical entrepreneur, lends his unique perspective to the conversation. Delving into Mel Robbins’ wisdom, Steven’s analytical brilliance adds depth to the discussion. The episode becomes not only a motivational dialogue but a masterclass in applied wisdom, where the power of analysis meets transformative personal development

Practical Strategies and Real-Life Application

One of the strengths of this podcast is its practicality. Mel Robbins doesn’t just offer abstract concepts; she provides tangible strategies for listeners to implement immediately. By illustrating real-life scenarios and applying the two words in various contexts, the episode becomes a guide for navigating the complexities of daily life. Whether it’s tackling work-related stress or addressing personal anxieties, the strategies discussed are versatile and accessible.


Mel Robbins and Steven Bartlett collaborative podcast on Global Player isn’t just an episode; it’s a transformative experience. With Mel’s powerful wisdom and Steven’s analytical brilliance, the conversation becomes a beacon of hope for those navigating anxiety. This Global Player podcast doesn’t just offer a solution but presents a dynamic duo leading the way towards a more empowered and resilient mindset. Tune in, embrace the wisdom, and become part of the Global Player community reshaping the narrative around anxiety.

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