A black and white image of a man walking along the shoreline of a beach, his silhouette outlined in the middle of the frame.

Environmental Activism in Photography

Capturing Our World

The lens in which we see our world is a multifaceted spectrum of perspective, lived experience and what our eyes/consciousness are able to perceive. Our stories are everywhere. Our histories echoed in every step we take, every soul connection made, the land beneath our feet remembers our presence, even after we are long gone and we have returned its soil. As guardians of our world, it is our responsibility as earths inhabitiants to show gratitude, nurture and share these stories and triumphs of Gaia and its inhabitants. That’s why at ONESEVENNINE environmental activism in photography is paramount in our ever changing world.

A landscape image depicting a pink and white Lily, with closed buds to the left of the image and a fully bloomed bud in the centre. The background is stylised bokeh and is out of focus, to imply movement.
‘A Lilies Daze’, Photographed by lead ONESEVENINE artist Holly Alanna Williams

Photographers committed to environmental activism employ their craft to shed light on urgent ecological issues. Through compelling visuals, they showcase the consequences of climate change, deforestation, and pollution, aiming to evoke a sense of responsibility in their audience. These visual storytellers are not just documenting the crisis; they are actively participating in the global dialogue on environmental conservation. At ONESEVENNINE environmental activism and awareness through photography and fine art is at the heart of what we do. We are determined to be a part of this global discussion, infusing art and visual documentation to be a part of this story.

ONESEVENINES Ecological Mission

A lush green rock pool full of seaweed with a ripple of life extending from the left had corner.
‘A Microscopic Forest’, photographed by lead ONESEVENNINE artist Holly Alanna Williams.

ONESEVENNINE are a part of a movement of photographers in-sighting the Creative. Sustainable and Ethical Exploration & Elevation through Art & Media are at the heart of their values. They are conscious photographic production company specialising in meticulous mindful observation and documentation of our ever changing world. With environmental activism in photography being at the core of our ethos.

They explore creative possibility capturing the beauty and decay of human experience and the world in which we all share.

Embracing Natures Palette

An image of an Admiral butterfly (orange, blue, yellow purple and brown) on a thistle, with a green background.
‘Hazel’s Butterfly’, Photographed by lead ONESEVENNINE artist, Holly Alanna Williams

At ONESEVENINE, we believe that although we are all here for a short time, our stories and the connection we develop with our earth deserves to be documented. Every blossom, every bloom, every storm and sunrise and sunset tells a unique story. Our photographers are not just keen observers; they are storytellers who paint with the vibrant hues of nature’s palette. From luscious rainforests to serene meadows, to our vibrant cities and humble towns, we strive to encapsulate the breathtaking beauty of our planet.

Environmental Activism in Photography

A sheet of plastic floating in a glistening ocean.
‘Our Reflection’, photographed by lead artist Holly Alanna Williams.

More than just stunning visuals and fine art photography, our commitment to sustainability is deeply embroidered and deeply woven into the fabric of our brand. Our intention is to utilise natures inspiring offerings whilst respecting our Earth, treading lightly and ensuring that our photography sessions leave no ecological impact on the ecosystems we traverse. Through our lens, we aim to inspire a profound, lasting connection with nature, fostering and encouraging a sense of responsibility for its preservation.

The Power of Visual Storytelling

Life is fleeting and our world ever changing. Photography allows us to encapsulate our moments and revive our stories with future generations. Each image captured by ONESEVENNINE is a narrative, a visual poem, inviting the viewer to immerse themselves in a feeling, a reverberation of time. Our fine art photography is a testament to the wonders of the Earth, creating a connection that transcendent of our own lifetimes.

Follow Our Journey

A black and white shoreline at a beach, glistening water trails reflecting the light.
‘Golden Memories’, photographed by lead artist Holly Alanna Williams

ONESEVENNINE invited you to follow us on our journey as we explore the vast wonders of our planet through environmental activism and exploration. Follow us on social media www.instagram.com/o.n.e.s.e.v.e.n.n.i.n.e for a weekly dose of our surrounding beauty, and discover the stories that unfold through our lens. Together, let’s celebrate the magnificence of our world and work towards preserving it for generations to come.

In every snapshot, we echo the sentiment – Nature doesn’t just surround us, we are an extension of it. Like everything on our planet, our multifaceted muse deserves our respect, love and protection. Let’s share our story together.

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