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Global Player. A place for ‘On Demand Radio‘?

Global Player App, personal to you.

Now imagine having your favourite radio/podcast all in the same app, cool right? But now imagine having video content on top of that, now imagine being able to read articles on top of that. Ever heard of Global Player?

Live from anywhere at any time. We even have some of your favourite radio shows on demand, missed Roman Kemp’s Capital Breakfast Show yesterday, don’t worry. With Global Player, you can catch up and download shows from up to 7 days to ensure you don’t miss a single bit of entertainment.

What else on Global Player?

Your favourite radio station will also have a video section. This section will include all the best bits from our Radio shows, including exclusive interviews, breakfast shows, events like The Jingle Bell Ball, latest news and podcasts. So just in case you thought you were missing out, you’re definitely not!

On top of all that, we also stream the Chris Moyles Radio X breakfast show which is hosted every Monday to Friday from 6:30 to 10 am exclusively on Global Player. If you thought that wasn’t enough, we also cover live events Such as Summertime and Jingle Bell Ball. Classic FM Live. Heart Make Me A Millionaire, and much more!

Into Podcasts?

We also give a platform for some of your favourite podcasts, including The News Agents every day. Bringing you exclusive interviews, breaking news and hot takes across the world of news.

Want something a bit more comedy? We can also provide some of the best entertainment podcasts across the UK. Such as Spencer and Vogue, My Therapist Ghosted Me, and The Wittering Whitehall’s.

Huge fan of LBC?

Global Player, For Every You

Not only that you can also have your say by phoning or texting in your thought and opinions through Global Player. This app is the place to be, providing you with endless amounts of audio and video content to keep you going on those journeys to work and back. Now download the app and try it yourself, it’s that easy.

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