Using InDesign to Create Presentations


InDesign is often used to create print publications like books and magazines, but it can be invaluable for digital media as well. When using it to create presentations for a design agency, I quickly learned that the beauty of InDesign is not in its ability to create content, but rather to collate it.


When I set out to design a presentation, I begin by deciding on my theme. The theme of the presentation ties the whole document together in terms of appearance and style. My main considerations are the palette, typefaces and formatting that will be used. The example above is the title page of a proposal that I created. The colour and imagery reflect the client’s branding, whilst the typeface and style belong to the agency I work for.


As I mentioned above, InDesign is a great tool for showcasing different content that was created in other apps. Using the links panel on the right hand side, I bring in all of the content that the design team have created, to form the backbone of the proposal. My main tips for deciding how best to showcase designs are:

  • Present all designs in a logical order
  • Each design must be presented in its best light – sometimes editing is necessary
  • Add labels and accents to enhance readability and understanding

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