How to Promote Your Company using Effective Video Marketing Strategy

Video is increasingly becoming more relevant to businesses in terms of their marketing, whether in order to promote products, services and offers, or simply to raise brand awareness. As such, video marketing should not be overlooked when preparing a marketing plan but instead, should be incorporated into any all-encompassing social media strategy.

The addition of native video across all major social media platforms allows businesses to share their video content without the need to direct users to another platform. Keeping users on social media for as long as possible is the aim for not just Facebook, but all content-sharing platforms. This has resulted in video being ranked higher than other content.

If you want to stand out on social media and get your content seen, then using video as part of your digital marketing strategy will get it in front of your target audience.

Video Production

So, what about keeping your audience engaged?

It’s not enough simply to get your content in front of your audience, you must engage with them too. Content with higher engagement will get shown more often, promoting your company and increasing brand awareness.

We’ve listed a few of our  video marketing top tips for keeping your audience engaged:

Short and snappy videos – Users usually have a limited amount of time in which to spend on social media, so keeping your videos below 30 seconds will help get your message across quickly to your audience and create higher engagement.

The first few seconds are vital – Therefore make an instant impact. Ensure you capture your audience’s attention immediately with some engaging content at the very start of the video.

Quality over quantity – Focus on getting high quality content that makes sense and resonates with users. Sharing your videos in 1080p will ensure your videos don’t pixelate when watched.

Remember, not everyone listens – Use subtitles on your videos if you have a voice-over or people talking in your videos. Many users watch videos on social media without the audio, this will ensure your message is fully understood.

You don’t have to be corporate – Don’t hold back on being adventurous with your social media content. Users often respond better to content that doesn’t have a strict corporate style and has a ‘salesy’ message.

Mobile responsive videos – Optimise your videos for mobile by editing your videos to a square (1:1) or portrait (2:3) aspect ratio. This will cover more of the users’ feed when they look on social media.

Make clear call-to-actions – If you need the user to enquire to visit your website, make this clear at the end of your video.

Contact the Adfield Group to find out more about how we can help you create effective video content for your social media strategy.

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