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Thrive and flourish with Creative Corridors bespoke wall art. Having worked with educators of all levels for over 20 years, Think Creative Studio established Creative Corridors. A company that solely focuses on working with schools, colleges, universities and educational providers to create captivating spaces for students and staff. Working and learning environments have a huge impact on daily lives and so creating spaces where students and staff can ignite their imaginations, thrive together and learn from each other, leads to more happy and motivated individuals. creative walls for schools

Transforming your space with creative walls for schools

Creative Corridors brings to life plain and uninspired spaces with the power of educational murals. You may know exactly what you want or may be looking for some guidance – either way our team of creatives are full of ideas to help you realise your vision. We work on both interior and exterior spaces. Whether its walls, windows, doors, ceilings, signage, vending machines or kiosks, we’ve got you covered. We also use a variety of materials, from Dibond, to Foamex and Custom Print Wallpapers, we can find the best materials that suits your space and budget.

Working with you to create walls for your school

Following a comprehensive free site survey and working closely with you, our expert team will provide detailed quotes and project plans that are flexible to your deadlines and ways of working. Depending on your budgets and spaces, we are able to recommend what type of material would suit your environment best, taking into account the wall surface and condition as well as light and heat exposure levels and the location within or outside of your building.

Our experienced installation teams are based all over the country and even overseas so there’s no problem getting to you. We work with you and your timetables to schedule fitting work. This may be likely to be evenings, weekends and during school holidays so theirs limited interruption.creative walls for schools

Make your environment shine creative walls for schools

Our working and learning environments have a huge impact on our lives. Studies consistently show that light and vibrant colours can directly affect our mood and overall well-being. When we feel positive, we can realise our full potential, which is why creating inspiring spaces with Creative Corridors bespoke wall art is so beneficial in motivating staff and students.

Positive spaces that use inspiring imagery, engaging graphics and uplifting messages can help reduce stress as well as anxiety in the school environment. At Creative Corridors we aim to create a sense of belonging and community in the school environment and so all our walls take into consideration diversity, inclusion and equality. We want students and staff to feel they are represented in their learning or working environments and that their cultures and unique individualities are celebrated.creative walls for schools

The power of wall graphics

Repeatedly seeing facts and figures on school corridors that are presented in colourful and interesting ways, helps to promote ambient learning – the process of absorbing information when you may not be consciously aware of doing so. Creative Corridors engaging wall art means students continue to learn outside of the classroom.creative walls for schools

Our graphics provide a useful tool to aid the way of teaching and also boost Cultural Capital in your school. As outlined in Ofsted’s current framework, this term relates to the understanding of key themes in a wider context than the pure subject itself, so that children develop as part of a rounded and fluid educational experience.creative walls for schools

Why Creative Corridors?

At Think Creative Studio, our Creative Corridors team for many years have worked with colour, space and light. This has enabled us to develop a true understanding of how to create an impactful space and our most commonly received feedback phrase from students, staff, parents and visitors is ‘Wow!’

From the start of the project to the beautiful end result, our experienced designers are dedicated to bringing your vision to life. Are you ready to kick start your next project? Contact Creative Corridors or Think Creative Studio at to transform your spaces and ‘Wow!’ your walls.

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