Why Crosscountry trains are more affordable than you think?

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Ever priced up a holiday and felt a bit frustrated how expensive it can it be? Train travel doesn’t have to break the bank! Crosscountry trains offer a comfortable and budget-friendly way to explore the beauty of the UK.

And they announced to add 25% more seats by June, which means you can travel with bigger groups of friends and family!

Save Big with Railcards:

A Railcard is your ticket to unlocking year-round savings on Crosscountry train fares. Not familiar with Railcards? Think of them as discount passes! They come in a variety of options to suit different travellers. Young adventurers can grab a 16-25 Railcard. For those in their late twenties, the 26-30 Railcard offers savings. Travelling with the family or mates? The Family & Friends Railcard lets you enjoy discounted fares with the whole crew. These Railcards offer a whopping 33% discount on most fares, so the savings quickly outweigh the initial cost!

Unforgettable Journeys Beyond the Usual Stops:

Crosscountry trains travel far beyond the typical routes you might expect. Imagine exploring charming seaside towns like Penzance in Cornwall, vibrant cities like Aberdeen in Scotland, or historical landmarks scattered throughout England. With destinations ranging from coast to coast, the possibilities are endless! Feeling overwhelmed by the options? Don’t worry, Crosscountry trains has a user-friendly website where you can browse destinations and spark your travel inspiration.

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PlusBus: Your Easy City Connection:

Planning a city break? Railcards offer another perk: 33% off PlusBus deals! PlusBus allows seamless travel on local buses in many destinations, eliminating the hassle of buying separate tickets and navigating unfamiliar public transport systems. It’s convenient, saves you a few quid, and lets you focus on exploring the city.

Travel Green, Save Green:

Choosing Crosscountry trains isn’t just good for your wallet, it’s good for the environment. Train travel boasts a significantly lower carbon footprint compared to other modes of transport. So, explore guilt-free knowing you’re doing your bit for the planet!

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Ready to start planning your affordable adventure?

Visit the Crosscountry trains website or download their app today to explore destinations, book discounted tickets with your Railcard, and discover other options that suit you and your plans!

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